The fine state of Connecticut has been ranked No. 4 among the country's most educated states.

According to a recent study by WalletHub, people in CT are some of the smartest in the United States. The study compared the 50 states in 2 areas; Educational Attainment (the percentage of residents with some type of college degree) and Quality of Education (graduation rates, IQ, test scores, etc.)

It’s no surprise that Connecticut has achieved soaring high school graduation rates for several years now. In fact, the rate keeps increasing with 87.9% of high school students graduating in four years, according to state officials last year. Among other factors, this is attributed to lower absenteeism rates, smart educational strategies and hard work by students and educators alike.

An estimated three out of every four students who graduate high school in the state go on to enroll in college. There are just under 100 college-level institutions in CT, including 4 public universities, private & community colleges, and trade schools. The most recognized colleges are Yale, Wesleyan, University of Connecticut, and Quinnipiac.

In the study, four out of the top five states with the highest overall scores are all on the East Coast.  Massachusetts came in at #1, followed by Maryland then Vermont

Bottom line: CT residents are brilliant. But we already knew that because we’re so smart.

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