Traffic traveling Route 37 north from Danbury to New Fairfield and south from New Fairfield to Danbury could get very messy in 2018. Will it be worth the headache?

According to Connecticut's Department of Transportation, the state has plans to rebuild outdated intersections on Route 37. The work should begin in 2018 at the Stacey Road intersection. The location is the first right turn after you've passed Jeffrey's Chinese Kitchen, if you're driving north on 37. If you make that right turn onto Stacey Rd., the Amber Room Colonnade is on your immediate right just to give you a perspective.

Route 37 and Stacy Road Intersection Driving Towards New Fairfield - Google Instant

The other intersection that's earmarked for improvement is where Barnum Road meets Route 37. The goal of this massive project is to eventually relieve traffic congestion traveling north towards New Fairfield by creating extra lanes and installing traffic controls.

Route 37 and Barnum Rd. Intersection Heading South - Google InstantStreet View

Construction is planned for an April 2018 start and is expected to last 20 months. Traveling on Route 37 may not be a nightmare because the road will be widened to accommodate traffic during the construction. Local roads will have at least one lane opened at all times.