According to a recent study of tourists, Connecticut is near the bottom of "The Friendliest States". Bad news for us? Not really, when you consider the facts that one of our immediate neighbors is the rudest of them all, and we've been ranked friendlier than most of our neighbors in New England.

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Get our free mobile app has just released their August 2023-updated list of states, ranked tourists, based on friendliness. Would you care to take a guess at which of our neighbors was ranked as the unfriendliest state in all of the US? You're right, it's New York. Everyone in the USA agrees that if you break down on the Taconic at 2AM, no one will come to your rescue. Arkansas and Delaware are #2 and #3, and then the unfriendliest state in New England comes in at #4 - Massachusetts.

As far as the rest of our neighbors, New Jersey is ranked as the fifth unfriendliest state, with New Hampshire coming in at #7, Rhode Island at #10, and then Connecticut is ranked as the 13th most unfriendly state in the US. Our Northerly neighbors Vermont and Maine come in at #17 and #20. The friendliest states? Minnesota, Tennessee, and South Carolina are the top 3.

Please keep in mind that surveyed tourists visiting our state, it's entirely possible that they gathered a few massholes or Bronx bombers to lay their unfriendly opinions about Connecticut. Vermont and Maine may have been voted friendlier, but it's nice to know that Connecticut is perceived as the friendly oasis of Southern New England.

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