What are the odds of a Mother and Daughter both winning the lottery on the same day? You say it can never happen, well it can. And it did.

It was a very special Mother's Day for a mom and her daughter in Connecticut. Cheryl Franco of North Haven and her mother, Elizabeth Thibodeau of Hamden, each separately purchased a Cash5 ticket a few days before Mothers Day. They each played the birth date numbers of Thibodeau's five grandchildren, and you guessed it, those numbers came in, and they both won $100,000.

Here's how Franco described what happened to CT Lottery officials:

I was watching the drawing on TV.  I heard the numbers, but I wasn't sure if I was right, so I went to the Lottery's website to check the winning numbers and saw there were two [top prize] tickets sold.  I knew I had one [ticket], but I wasn't sure if my mother had played that night and had the other ticket.

The day after the drawing, Cheryl got a call from her brother after he found out his mother had won the big bucks. He offered to take her to Lottery Headquarters to claim her prize. That's when Cheryl informed him that she had won too, and would take her mother to collect her $100,000 when she went to collect her own $100,000.

Both Franco and Thibodeau have been playing similar numbers for the past 20 years, but neither one knew the other had played on that one very lucky day.

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