Snow and ice are in the forecast for the greater Danbury area, but will it be another 'run on milk and bread' weather event?

It's no revelation that Connecticut weather can change at a moment's notice so, in my attempt to formulate the most accurate weather forecast, I've checked in with three different meteorological websites.

First of all, there are no Connecticut weather pros who are actually saying, "Ice, Ice, Baby." It was my attempt to make a point. It looks like we have two separate weather issues at play and both include some possible freezing rain and/or sleet and snow. is predicting 1 to 3 inches of snow from Thursday evening into  Friday morning with slippery conditions. is predicting a weather event from this Sunday into Monday but they're saying it's too early to make any specific predictions.

That brings me to my go-to weather guy, Steve Turk. This guy gets it right almost every single time. In my opinion, there's only one drawback to Mr. Turk, he's a bit wordy when he delivers his forecasts. What you do get are maps and detailed explanations on the weather. With that said, here's Steve Turk's extended forecast through this week and weekend. You can find him on FB at The Weather of Steve Turk. 

From Thursday night into Friday morning there may be a disruption of normal timed activities due to the wintry mix. We are in deep trouble for Sunday. Many of us will see snow/ice/rain followed by a FLASH FREEZE which is when we drop from several degrees above freezing to temps well below freezing within an hour or two.

Overall, this Sunday's forecast calls for rain and freezing rain, heavy at times in the morning and then cloudy with a bit of ice in the afternoon with a high of 39 degrees. The low on Sunday night slides down to 3 degrees above zero and there you have your Flash Freeze. I'll leave you with some advice from Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from TV's Hill Street Blues.

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