Connecticut Magazine has just released the 2017 issue of "40 Under 40." In it, they list the forty nutmeggers that they consider to be the most influential people under 40-years-old.

Sure, there are a handful of fresh, vibrant and productive faces in this group, but if you are taking it as a whole, it leaves a bit to be desired. It reads like a "who's who" of people that lost and found things at the local Wal-Mart. Who did they miss I wonder? Hmm? What influential person under forty did they overlook?

Maybe they missed someone who has nine failed reality shows?

Did they miss someone who has 846 kids?

Did they miss someone who makes fairly obvious observations for a living, loves twizzlers, shovels his own driveway, recycles and makes it to church five times a year?

You bet they did. His name is Whistles Dingle Dangle -- his name is me.

Way to go Connecticut Magazine -- which I learned existed one hour ago, when I read an article in the News Timeswhich led me to your article, which made me question where I went wrong in life. Few people have accomplished less with more attempts than me without recognition, and I can't make this list?

It's OK, there is always next year. Maybe I will be sandwiched between a public access TV producer and a Bon Jovi tribute band. Who is to say?

PS - In all seriousness, they did nail it with Danbury's Emanuela Palmeres. By all accounts, she is a bright young lady doing a great job in Danbury.

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