How much do you pay for your prescription drugs a month? Are you lucky enough to have insurance? If you don't, your monthly bill could reach out-of-reach with two scripts. Big pharma is raking in incredible profits, and our state is trying to do something to try to help. Governor Ned Lamont has just announced the start date for a new prescription drug discount card program for residents of Connecticut, and I'm on two of the meds listed in his press release. yay.

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According to, Connecticut has entered into a multi-state consortium with Nevada, Oregon, and Washington known as ArrayRX. All residents of Connecticut will be eligible to sign up for the discount program as of October 2, 2023. According to Lamont, you can use the purchasing power and discounts of ArrayRX at approximately 98% of the pharmacies in Connecticut.

I went onto ArrayRX's website, it's a free service, all FDA-approved meds are eligible for discounts. Even better, if you do have insurance or Medicare, you can still use ArrayRX to see if gets you a better price than your coverage.

Governor Lamont lists 5 common prescription medications in the press release, and shows our discounted cost verses the cash price. I'm on two of the meds listed: Amlodipine Bensylate and Lisinopril, both for high blood pressure. Using ArrayRX would seemingly save 2/3 off the cash price of those meds. I'm on 6 daily medications to help control my Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, my monthly cost has jumped up into the hundreds. I'll be signing up as of October 2.

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