While everyone was checking out the beautiful vehicles at the excellent Danbury War Memorial Car Show this weekend, I noticed how boring our current tri-blue Connecticut license plate looks on a 26-coats of paint Mustang. Powder Blue Connecticut? Stank.

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What I loved seeing were original Connecticut license plates on these vintage vehicles. Connecticut was a pioneer in 1937, being the first nationally to use permanent aluminum plates. Connecticut issued its first vanity plate in 1941, and the last change, according to ct.gov, was in 2015 when the seven-character format was introduced for standard issue plates.

I'm watching too many design shows, but being surrounded by all of those beautiful vehicles stained by the boring powder blue-dominant Connecticut plate got to me. I think it's time Connecticut, we need our best designer, Christian Siriano, to come up with a hot license plate. Take a look at what we've done in the past.

Connecticut is Way Overdue For a License Plate Redesign

Classic navy blue and white Connecticut license plates are getting rare, you hardly see them anymore. Our license plates seem to have been watered down. Sure, you can customize them with a special interest/organization or cause, but, I think we're way overdue for a license plate redesign.

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