I'm a fat Type 2 Diabetic that is incredibly lucky enough to undergo treatment with the wonder drug of the moment - semaglutide/Ozempic. We all know someone that has dramatically changed their life with this once-weekly injection, right? I've been on it for 4 months, and Connecticut has changed for me.

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Connecticut is all about food and drink. Where, and what are we eating? Most local businesses that survived the pandemic are food related, and the arts & entertainment venues have relied on food trucks and fair food to lure us in. On Ozempic, I've lost all the food noise that constantly surrounds us here. The news I read about New Haven's Sally's Apizza expanding to Westfarms Mall didn't phase me. The news about the closing of Carbone's Market in Torrington, and taking those mega-stuffed grinders away forever was a gut punch, but out of sorrow for the owners, not my punched, empty gut.

I'm losing weight. I know there's an aspect to this drug that makes you not want what you formerly did, but it's making me not want to go anywhere or eat anything.

Pizza is truly Connecticut's identity. It's in our blood, passing judgement on a local shop that's a mere shadow of the New Haven greats, we can't help ourselves. On Ozempic? I can barely get through one giant slice from Martino's in Oakville. The small personal pizzas that I used to down as a slice are too much for me now. I was turned off by steamed cheeseburgers after my first visit to Ted's, but now I kinda crave one. Does Ozempic create bizarro-opposite world Connecticut?

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