Having lived here for over 50+ years, if someone asked me what the safest small town in Connecticut was, I'd guess Bethlehem, Woodbury? Bozrah? Woorstock? I would never guess Wallingford, but I'd be wrong, in fact, Wallingford is ranked as the 4th safest small town or city in all of the United States, huh?

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Yes, it's true, at least according to moneygeek.com's 25 Safest Small Cities and Towns in the US. Wallingford, Connecticut is the 4th safest small town in America with an average crime cost per capita of $55, Moneygeek.com analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the true cost of crime and ranked over 1,100 small cities and towns across the USA.

Seven out of the top ten cities nationally are located in the Northeast, but only Wallingford made the cut as far as Connecticut representatives. The safest city overall? #1 went to Monroe Township, New Jersey, which is a small suburb of NYC. Another interesting stat - Small cities and towns have 48% lower crime costs then larger cities.

Hillsborough Township, New Jersey came in at #2 on the list, while tiny Zionsville, Indiana was ranked third. Wallingford just edged out Shrewsbury, Massachusetts to land at #4 on the list, besting Shrewsbury by a measly $4 crime cost per capita.

Wallingford's population was reported as 44,396 in the 2020 census. and it's home to one of the most famous private college-prep/boarding schools in the country also - Choate Rosemary Hall. Wallingford's most famous notable person? Morton Downey Jr, the late, acerbic daytime talk show host was born in Wallingford in 1932.

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