No generation should ever forget. This important bill in Connecticut would help to insure that.

Every so often, I'll see these published blurbs about if you are "such and such" age, you are too young to remember things like a rotary phone, or the moon landing, or music on MTV.  Then there's the realization of how many American's don't actually remember the sheer terror and sadness of 9-11. With that said, there are moments in history that should, I believe, always be taught so that generations to come will never forget. With that in mind, Connecticut legislators are working towards making another horrific piece of World history part of the curriculum. reports that the state House is giving final legislative approval to a bill that would require the teaching of Holocaust and genocide studies in state schools. If approved the bill will require boards of ed to include Holocaust and genocide studies as part of the social studies curriculum. If Governor Malloy signs the bill, it will take effect this fall.

The plan was recommended partially because a recent study in Connecticut revealed that about a quarter of young people in the state have no clue about the Holocaust.

Democratic Rep. Andrew Fleischmann told

We have not done enough to educate the young. It’s not clear why we would have districts not teaching this profoundly important subject

There are certain events that indeed should never be forgotten, or the lessons generations can learn from them.

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