It took nine attempts but this man's never-say-never determination earned him a million bucks.

The man is 30-year-old gym owner and Hamden resident, Drew Drechsel who persevered until he won American Ninja Warrior last week at the Las Vegas Arena while thousands of his fans screamed out his name according to an article on Let's take a look.

Drechsel is only the second $1 million dollar winner on NBC's popular show and last Tuesday was invited on the Ellen Degeneres Show where Ellen presented
Drew with a $1 million winner's check.

Drechsel owns a gym in Hamden along with three other locations called, 'Real Life Ninja Academy.' Two of his coaches at the Academy had no doubt he would eventually claim the crown due to his drive and motivation.

YouTube Video from American Ninja Warriors
YouTube Video from American Ninja Warriors

Drechsel's gym is a different kind of facility where there are no weights, machines, or ellipticals. Strength and endurance are learned through training and technique. Interested in becoming a Ninja? Click on

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