Did you know that Connecticut, along with 25 other states, still allow a child to marry at any age with the approval of a probate judge, until now.

As of October 1, according to an article on ctpost.com., the Connecticut legislature has banned child marriage before the age of 16. So what's the big deal? Most people assumed you couldn't be married until the age of 16, wrong. Even a 13 year old could be legally married in Connecticut.

Here's why it's a lose, lose according to the Center for Law and Social Policy:

  1. Over 50% of teen marriages end in divorce.
  2. Teenage brides have less schooling.
  3. They have less independence.
  4. Teen brides have far less experiences both in life and work.
  5. In the lower poverty ranges, teen brides are at more of a risk for being abused.

Child marriage transcends regional and cultural boundaries. 2 out 5 girls are married as children in South Asia and West and Central Africa. 40% of the world's child marriages happen in India.

Our Daughter Allie at Her LPN Graduation Ceremony - Credit - Ethan Photo
Our Daughter Allie at Her LPN Graduation Ceremony - Credit - Ethan Photo

As the father of a 28 year old daughter, attempting to argue or reason with them about anything between the ages of 13 and 17 is a no-win situation. This is what I call "the hate your parents period." Can you imagine trying to explain to your 14 to 16 year old why it's such a ridiculous idea to have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend, let alone getting married. Good news though, as my daughter reached her mid-twenties, she apologized to her mother and I for being such a pain-in-the-ass.


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