2023 is the year to mail your Christmas cards from the Bethlehem, Connecticut Post Office, especially if you're stuffing the cards with checks, money, or gift cards for your loved ones. Nationwide, there has been a rise in check washing, mail fraud, and attacks on letter carriers recently, and there were numerous incidents reported across Connecticut this year.

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Three weeks ago, the Fairfield Police Department reported that they had arrested 4 suspects from New York allegedly using super-sticky rat traps to fish mail out from USPS collection boxes in town. Westport Police warned us just over a year ago that check washing incidents had been reported across town, and warned residents to mail any checks directly from local post offices. A quick search of 'Mail theft, Connecticut' will bring up dozens of reported incidents in 2023, from Newtown, Trumbull, Norwalk, Glastonbury, New Haven, and more.

According to cbsnews.com, the United States Postal Service, in response to a rise in fraud and theft nationally, issued an advisory to all Americans to avoid dropping off your mail containing checks in the USPS blue collections boxes, or your own mailbox for a carrier to pick up, instead it's recommended that we all go inside our local post office to securely send our mail containing checks.

It's a reminder that we should all pay attention to as we approach this Holiday season, one of the highlights from years past has been cracking open that card from grandma with a crisp $20, but it's 2023. Bring your cards containing checks, money, and gift cards directly to you local post office.

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