Bears, hawks, and now bobcats. Connecticut wildlife is making itself heard. Here's the newest warning.

Over the years we have certainly shared with you numerous stories of bears invading yards, pools, running trails and more all around the state. It's pretty common to spot wild turkeys strolling around, as a matter of fact, I've filmed a flock of them walking through the woods behind the radio station and Lou photographed a few of them on the i95 lawn this morning.

Just two weeks ago I shared a story about hawk attacks.

Now comes a report from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) that state environmental officials are warning of increased bobcat activity in Connecticut.

The DEEP say sightings and vehicle strikes have been reported all over the state in recent years, and the population is on the rise. Another reminder is that while Bobcats rarely attack humans they are certainly known to attack pets so you should be careful when you let them out after dark.

For more info and answers to questions about the growing Bobcat population in Connecticut go to

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