The name of the new HGTV show is called Former Glory, and features a couple from right here in Connecticut.

Why is the HGTV show called Former Glory? According to an article in the Patch, Travis and Felicia Gulick of Madison, CT are experts in the art of restoring historic homes to their former glory. If the show's viewers show it lots of love, it's a possibility Travis and Felicia may have their own hit series.

The show was filmed last spring and revolves around the renovation of a 1929 Guilford, CT home. At the time, Felicia was six months pregnant. Here is the challenge that came down from HGTV for Felicia and Travis: They must design and restore a 1929 home in Guilford that was purchased by a newly married couple who were on their honeymoon. The Gulick's game plan is to modernize the home by adding a new kitchen and master suite, but there's one stipulation that they were required to follow:

The modern renovation must be artfully crafted so the kitchen and master suite still retains its old-world, late 1920s charm. They'll be working on a tight budget and the renovation must be completed by the time the newlyweds return from their honeymoon. Can they do it? The only way to find out is to watch the show Former Glory on HGTV this afternoon February 14 at 1 pm. It's also possible that the pilot episode will be re-aired at some point.

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