Is it possible to be bored in a major US city? Our cities are where all of the arts, entertainment, and commerce are. Isn't there usually something for everyone? Apparently not, there's a list of  the 'Most Boring' major cities in the US, and one of our own made the list.

According to, not all major cities are worth the trip, and with some help from Reddit users, they've come up with their list of cities that "You would do well to avoid, unless you're looking for a boring time.' And they go on to name Bridgeport, Connecticut as one of the most boring cities in the US.

"It sounds like Bridgeport, Connecticut is one of those places that you can elect to visit if you're in the mood for abandoned buildings, sizable mountains of broken glass, and other miscellaneous acts of crime that can range from petty theft to full-on-high-speed car chases."

Fair assessment? Who's to say? Crime is a problem anywhere you go these days, and being that Bridgeport is the most populous city in Connecticut with almost 150,000 residents, rates are going to be a bit elevated there.


Maybe the Bridgeport of 2010's was boring, that's fair, but now? Bridgeport has made leaps and bounds. The Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater is an incredible venue that brings a million people a year from everywhere. Where else in Fairfield County can you catch a ferry to Long Island? Don't forget about our only Zoo, and Joseph's Steakhouse, the best around. Hartford, now that's a boring city, especially if it's cold out.

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