As previously reported, a 28-year-old Norwalk woman was arrested a few weeks back after turning herself in on charges stemming from and incident that started when the woman was confronted by another beach-goer about being topless on Compo Beach in Westport.

This person, reportedly told the topless woman that her behavior was inappropriate and at that point, police say she allegedly removed the bottom of her bathing suit, flashing her privates to the woman and her family. Police have since charged the woman with risk of injury to a minor and breach of peace.

The woman who confronted the exposed beach-goer is "Beach Mom." She gave herself the nickname on the Youtube channel she created to tell her side of the story. She felt that she needed to tell her side of the story after taking a beating on social media from folks who thought she should have been minding her own business.

This is where we, the Ethan and Lou Show, started taking real interest. We watched her video on Youtube and played it on our show. Our listeners and the majority of the people who commented on her video started to give her more grief. I was hearing and seeing something that I don't think everyone quite understood. I was hearing that she was trying to make two important points; I believed she was saying that she is not a prude and felt that there was some potential for the nude woman to be taken advantage of.

We reached out to "Beach Mom" and were able to get her to agree to come in to appear live on the show. What we learned is that she is in fact NOT a prude, very much did the right thing and happens to be very sweet. We let her tell her side of the story and this is how that went:

P.S. I have a mad crush on "Beach Mom." That did not need to be said but there it is.

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