These days, it seems like there are risks and hackers around every corner trying to steal you information. The state of Connecticut is looking to shut them down as much as possible.

Time and time again you hear about someone's phone being hacked, their computer being compromised, and we all know about huge companies like Yahoo falling prey to hackers. Add to that the fact every news day we hear about Government data breaches. It's enough to make your head spin.

So, with all of that in mind, Connecticut is taking more steps towards safety.

In a press release from the Office of Governor Malloy, the Governor announced a new cyber security strategy based on seven principles of web safety. The principles are: leadership, literacy, preparation, response, recovery, communication and verification. Governor Malloy said:

We receive daily reminders that we are living in a time of cyber insecurity, and we need to be proactive in this effort. The federal government, our national intelligence, and homeland security officials are doing their part, but states have a vital role to play. Connecticut is leading the way in taking action that will allow us to be prepared for any contingency and safeguard our residents from cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure.

Connecticut's Department of Energy Services and Public Protection has issued tips for organizations and individuals to protect against cyber attacks that you can find by clicking on

The cyber security strategy comes on the heels of a story from about the town of West Hartford's website being hacked on July 6.

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