Zac Young is a celebrity pastry chef who has a worldwide following. Young has been featured on TV shows for the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. You've seen Zac Young on Top Chef: Just Desserts, Unique Sweets, Chopped, and Nailed It!

Now, the in-demand Confectionery King is bringing his expertise to the Nutmeg State. On Friday (04/12/24), Zac is launching his newest venture at Foxwoods Resort & Casino called Sprinkletown Donuts & Ice Cream.

The Casino is throwing a grand-opening bash to launch the project from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Foxwoods had this to say in a Monday (04/08/24) press release:

"Get ready to sprinkle some excitement into your day because we’re inviting you to attend the sweetest grand opening of Sprinkletown Donuts & Ice Cream at Foxwoods Resort Casino! Join us for the first taste of Celebrity Pastry Chef Zac Young’s newest concept, Sprinkletown Donuts & Ice Cream, on Friday, April 12 at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Celebrate the opening with Chef Zac who will be serving up a taste of his customizable donuts and ice cream sundaes in a variety of fun flavor combos!"


I'm usually the last to know or pay attention when a new restaurant opens, but a donut shop will get my full attention every single time. Not only am I a closet sweet-tooth person, but I'm also a particularly big fan of donuts.

When I was growing up, there was only one monster name in the donut game, but today the options are much better. New donut shops have been popping up all over Connecticut and opening my eyes to what should be. The donuts get bigger, the ingredients more creative, and the flavors off the charts.

I can't imagine this place being anything less than excellent. Foxwoods doesn't put their name on anything that is not a sure shot. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm up that way, nursing a hangover and wondering how I got to my hotel room.


Who, What, When, Where & Why

The Grand Opening will include:

  • A ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil Sprinkletown Donuts & Ice Cream.
  • A taste of the fresh and hot donuts and ice cream sundae creations with Chef Zac’s favorite ingredients
  • The first look at the bright and whimsical shop
  • Interview and photo opportunities with Chef Zac and Foxwoods executives
  • And sprinkles, lots of sprinkles…

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