After so many months of being asked to stay home, the great outdoors sound like just the cure for anyone going stir crazy. Connecticut is loaded with beautiful hiking trails, but which ones are open? What's recommended for the novice hiker or the expert? Youtuber Monika Izabela takes us on a comprehensive tour of pretty trails all throughout the Nutmeg State and some right here in the Greater Danbury Area.

Monika Izabela posted this to Youtube on June 23, 2020 with this description:

I did a story on 8 parks that have stayed open during COVID-19. Here are some of the lovely sights from these parks that I was grateful to visit.

I make fun of hiking on the Ethan & Lou Show all the time but I have a secret, I actually love it. Sure, I'd rather sit in a restaurant, eat a nice meal and drink some cocktails, but you can't do that all the time. Sometimes you have to get out and absorb nature.

My favorite part of a hike is turning off my notifications, sticking my phone in my pocket and leaving it there. Sometimes you need to cut out the white noise of a smartphone and all of it's associated dings and whistles and listen to the dings and whistles provided by Mother Earth.

You can follow Monika Izabela by simply searching her name on Youtube and clicking subscribe, while you're there, why don't you search my name and click subscribe, I've only told you three hundred times. Her material is nice, fun and family friendly, mine is the opposite, but now I've provided a recommendation for both normal people and lunatics alike today. This is my public service and I take it semi-seriously.

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