Last night, our local area saw some serious weather damage. With the remnants of Hurricane Ida, there was a ton of serious flooding, power outages, and trees and power lines down.

There are multiple school closures all around, and some of our main roads are still closed due to flooding. Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo sent out a note this morning that "urban and small stream flooding will continue for several hours after the rain tapers off. If you absolutely have to travel this morning, you may experience numerous detours causing traffic disruption."

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There was also a traffic alert from New Milford stating "the Housatonic River has flooded over the Danbury Road/Route 7 just south of the Traffic 'T' at the intersection of Bridge Street. Westbound Bridge Street traffic and southbound Route 7 traffic are being detoured to Fort Hill Road and Sunny Valley Road."

Emergency crews were out all night and this morning to take care of our local roads. Check out some of the photos and videos listeners sent in from what they experienced around their area. Make sure to download our mobile app and check out the conversation on our Facebook page to send in your photos too.

Greater Danbury Riddled With Floods After Remnants of Hurricane Ida

On the night of September 1, our local area saw massive flood damage after the tri-state area got hit with the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Our listeners sent in photos of the surrounding areas and the damage they saw. Download our mobile app or visit us on Facebook to send in your photos!

Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company additionally posted a video from 2:19 AM of a house being flooded where a party was trapped in. They had multiple emergency crews on site to help take care of the issue.

Additionally, Youtube user Tom Allen posted a drone video of the flooding that took place across New Milford. See for yourself below.

It was very scary out there. Please continue to check for all traffic updates when planning to travel, don't drive through any flooded areas, and stay safe.

Here is a current flooding/detour update of the Danbury roads:

A big, big thank you to all of our local first responders who continue to put the community first every day and making sure we stay safe.

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