We have been having Nick on the Ethan and Lou show for years. We always agree to bring him back because he is just funny. Nick can always go off on pop culture or politics. This morning when we asked him about President Trump's address to the joint session of Congress he had this to say about Nancy Pelosi.

That's called not pulling punches. Now every time I start yelling at the TV when watching the news I will know that somewhere Nick Dipaolo is doing the same. The man is funny. His Treehouse Comedy show at Bistro B tomorrow night is sold out. I do however know from a reliable source that he will be coming back to our local area again soon. We will keep you posted and let you know when that happens.

Check out Nick's podcast on the Riot Cast network, it's really funny. Here are Nick Dipalo's upcoming tour dates. Don't forget his frequent appearances on Louis CK's hit FX show: "Louie."


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