Marian Anderson was a Danbury resident, an accomplished musician and a civil rights activist.

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Anderson was the first African-American to take the stage and perform at the Metropolitan Opera. She won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. Her list of accomplishments worldwide are lengthy, as was her work in the Hat City, specifically with the Danbury Music Center which is now named after her.

On the heels of the new J.F.K., M.L.K. R.B.G. mural at Kennedy Park, the city of Danbury would like to dedicate another mural, this time to Marian Anderson, and they are looking for help from locals.

According to a press release from the City of Danbury, muralists can apply to for an opportunity to create the project from concept to completion. The City is looking for artists to submit a statement of interest, resume, portfolio and a draft concept proposal in their submission. Your deadline is August 30, 2021 and a selection committee will weed through the applicants to develop semi-finalists. Click here for more information on the process.

Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo had this to say of the upcoming project: “Marian Anderson meant so much to the Danbury people and we hope that this mural will inspire folks to continue to share her story throughout our community.”

The City is also looking for folks with a family connection to Marian Anderson. If you or someone you know has something to share about Marian Anderson, you can submit your stories to Taylor O'Brien. 

The new mural will be placed at 300 Main Street in Danbury thanks to Joseph DaSilva Jr. of DaSilva Realty. The Savings Bank of Danbury has also stepped up to partner with the city to provide half of the funding for the Anderson mural.

This is what it's all about. Danbury once again is bringing a positive and unifying idea to the table, celebrating the arts, getting input from locals and honoring our history. If someone finds a way to complain about this, there is simply no pleasing them.

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