I noticed something shortly after moving to Torrington last year, people love to yell 'SLOW DOWN' at speeders flying through their neighborhood. According to the Torrington Police Department, a melee occurred on Turner Avenue over the weekend that resulted in serious injuries for one of the participants, and it all happened after someone allegedly yelled 'slow down'.

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According to a press release from Officer Buzzi from the Torrington PD, on Saturday afternoon (August 26, 2023) at 1:20PM, Torrington Police responded to reports of a physical altercation in front of 127 Turner Avenue. Officers found 61 year old Wanda Garceau lying injured in the roadway, and determined from witnesses on scene that a physical altercation had taken place between Garceau, Garceau's daughter, Garceau's 68 year old female friend, and Ciara Egeter. Witnesses stated that Egeter assaulted the three after they had told Egeter to slow down while driving by at a high rate of speed.

When confronted, Egeter attempted to flee the scene while Garceau held onto the passenger door, which resulted in Garceau getting run over by the rear tire of the vehicle. Egeter was later taken into custody and charged with 2nd Degree Breach of Peace, 2nd and 3rd Degree Assault, Risk of Injury, Reckless Driving, Risk of Injury, and Possession of drug paraphernalia. Egeter is reportedly being held on a $500,000 Surety bond, and is scheduled to appear at Torrington Superior Court on 9/5/23.

Let the professionals handle it, the sight of a uniformed officer holding a radar gun out of their window guarantees I ease up off the gas, that's it.

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