For the most part, Waterbury is full of convenient parking lots. Wide spaces, modern curbing, yeah, there is plenty of room. Some are bad. Why? I'll tell you.

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I've parked in all of these Waterbury lots more than I can count over my lifetime. Thousands? Probably. I've run into issues at each of these over the years. It's not just speeding, or inattentive drivers, but those are two of the main contributing factors in my choices.

Circles of Hell: The Five Worst Parking Lots in Waterbury

Even with speed bumps and 10MPH speed limits, I get anxious in some parking lots. Some are worse than others, and these are the five parking lots in Waterbury that irk me the most.

What Would a Waterbury-Scented Candle Smell Like?

I saw the question asked in a social media group I belong to, and oh man, the answers made me laugh. You win again internet.

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