Just when you think you're in the clear, away from the road rage of 84 and the tailgating on White Street, you pull into the sanctuary of a parking lot. Even those are hellish and suck lately. There are 5 in Danbury that I absolutely despise.

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In particular, I hate the Trader Joe's parking lot of the Danbury Green Shopping Center on Mill Plain Road. More on that later, but that's the one that started me actually avoiding a business because the parking lot is just nuts. It's not the business' fault, I love Starbucks and Trader Joe's and supermarkets, it's just an awful design and location. I find myself wanting to drive further away to a couple of towns over because the parking lots around Danbury are brutal.

Circles of Hell: The Five Worst Parking Lots in Danbury

As bad as you think people are driving on the highways and roads, it's even worse in parking lots, and there are some that stand out as the worst of the worst. Here's the five worst parking lots in Danbury.

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