OMG, these wasps are intimidating as hell and have taken up residence next to my front walkway!

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As the owners of bigbluebug.com would say, "If yellow jackets worked out, they'd be as big as cicada killers!" These little buggers grow up to 3 inches in length, and they've decided to build a community in my front yard in New Fairfield.

The sole function of these killer wasps is to murder as many cicadas as possible. To prepare themselves before going into battle, they dig underground tunnels and then go on the hunt for cicadas. Check out my YouTube video.

The female wasps have powerful stingers that contain venom, which they jab into their prey. The unsuspecting cicada, who's been minding its own business, is immediately paralyzed and dragged into the nest where it is feasted upon by the female wasp's babies.

The male wasps are wimps because they lack stingers. They patrol the area around the nests, trying to be big shot tough guys, but fail miserably at being a hit-wasp. With no stinger, there's no killing so you can walk right by their little killer wasp community without getting stung, but they can be very intimidating.

Cicadas Emerge in Eastern USA
New Adult Cicada - Getty Images

The wicked female wasps are always doing the heavy lifting by slaying cicadas one after the other so the kids can eat, so she has no time on her schedule for stinging innocent humans.

My dilemma now is whether to destroy their nests of doom and let the cicadas live long and prosper or let them continue their murderous assault on the cicada population. Currently, there is no approved insecticide in Connecticut that pest control experts are allowed to use to wipe out the nests.


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