This sounds like it could be bad: the Nutmeg State has seen a 30% spike in Chlamydia over the last year.

According to the CT Post, United Healthcare released their annual health rankings, and while CT fared well in most categories, we flunked Chlamydia.

We did in in fact do well in terms of smoking and cardiovascular health on the report -- CT has the 4th lowest numbers of smokers out of all the states. Cardiovascular death is down and residents have good access to primary care physicians.

When it comes to booze and sex, however, we have some problems. Alcohol consumption is up, the aforementioned Chlamydia jump is cause for concern and we are also, apparently, are seeing more cases of gonorrhea.

I don't know what new information to provide here, all I can really do is remind folks of things they should have been taught in high school by a gym teacher holding a banana.

Use protection, get tested early and often and call before you dig.

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