The Cheshire Police Department took to their social media yesterday to send out a PSA warning residents to be aware that their Amazon packages being delivered are being targeted by thieves in town.

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According to the press release, the Cheshire Police received a report of an Amazon package theft in town, and during the investigation, a vehicle was found to be following the Amazon delivery truck around town as it made its deliveries. As the packages were being dropped off on resident's porches, an occupant of the trailing vehicle hopped out, and stole the delivery.

The press release goes on to say that with the huge increase in online shopping, the practice of free home delivery has been a boon for opportunistic porch pirates. They also go on to offer these tips:

  • Arrange for the delivery at a time when someone will be home at the residence and expecting the delivery
  • Arrange for the delivery to your place of employment, if allowable within your individual workplace rules and regulations
  • Coordinate with neighbors, if possible, to have deliveries not left outside for prolonged periods of time

A few residents have already offered up a few more suggestions in addition to the ones that the Cheshire PD, one being check into Key by Amazon, which is a service to Prime Members that allows you to have the drivers place your package inside your garage. Someone also suggested Rite Aid and other local retailers that offer a pickup location.

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