Could I possibly become the "Fabio" of the i95 Airstaff?

According to a story by, Japanese scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness thanks to McDonald's. There's a silicone additive that's used to make those luscious McDonald's fries that stops the oil from frothing during the cooking process.

The Japanese have been using the chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane on mice to grow hair with very successful results and are confident that this same process could also work on humans. The article goes into great detail using large scientific words while mentioning 'hair follicle germs' which is the Holy Grail of hair-loss research.

Most importantly this means that soon I may be able to grow a golden head of hair like Fabio or Bret Michaels! I can see the women at I-95 giving me those flirty come-hither looks obviously wishing they could run their fingers through my lush golden locks.

Getty Images

But I have some questions. Is there something wrong with Fabio's chest? Do you think he's had as many chicks as Robert Plant? If I eat McDonald's fries every day for a year, could I grow those long flowing locks?

As of Monday, Feb. 5, McDonald's has not yet commented on the release of the Japanese study.



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