When people ask me what I like best about living in the Greater Danbury area (happens three times a week) I always give two answers: Candlewood Lake and the food.

You'd be hard pressed to find bad food in our local area and believe me, I've tried. The Latin food in and around Danbury is amazing and chef recommends the following eateries (I'm chef):

The 4 Delicious Spots That Make Up Greater Danbury's Best Latino Eats

Now I'm officially starving and the only real decision I need to make is which of these places I am going to today to eat and eat and eat. I guess I could do breakfast at one place, lunch at another, dinner at another and finally do #fourthmeal at the last one. When the choices are this good, I have no problem inventing meals. I'll call that last one super supper because supper is one of the weirdest/coolest words we have and frankly it's underused.

P.S. Hours of operation may vary due to COVID-19, if you have any questions about hours or pickup it's best to call the locations ahead. 

  • Amigo's - (203) 790-7683
  • Taco Bachi - (203) 740-8226
  • Mina's Carne - (203) 797-9800
  • C & C Deli - (203) 797-9896
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