Yep, Chuck went on TV and told Joel Embiid to "Kiss his ass." Charles on TNT is better than the ACTUAL baseketball games.

I could not agree more. These "kids" are too sensitive. If a talking head criticized Charles Barkley when he was playing,he would tell that person to "kiss his ass" through the media and then go out the next game and drop 35 points.

Embiid's heart and effort are always being called into question. That's probably because his effort is not always there and this means he does not have heart. Charles does not mince words and so obviously has zero respect for this generation of ball players. I can't blame him.

If they are not pointing the finger and playing the blame game they are whining about officials and one another. It's a cry baby festival. Let me echo Charles by saying, Hey Joel, "kiss my ass."

Kawhai Leonard feels the same and did this to you for eternity.

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