With a large American flag as the backdrop, the Danbury Fire Department held a send-off ceremony for the Danbury based 411th Civil Affairs Battalion.

The Danbury-based battalion is a Civil Affairs unit of the United States Army Reserves and is stationed at the Veterans Memorial Armed Forces Reserve Center on Wooster Heights Road. Founded in 1945, the 411th is a battalion of specialized soldiers who provide noncombatant support to military operations all over the world.

Photo Courtesy of Danbury Fire Dept.
Photo Courtesy of Danbury Fire Dept.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, the 411th is set to ship out to Africa to complete a one-year mission and this past Sunday, the Danbury Fire Department chose to honor these brave men and women and wish them a safe and successful mission before their year-long deployment.

The battalion's specialized duties include cultural expertise, humanitarian aid, and coordinating reconstruction projects including public works, administration education, and health. The 411th Civil Affairs Battalion has been involved in almost every conflict since Operation Just Cause in Panama in 1989.




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