I'm seeing my fellow Yankee fans saying aloud what we are all feeling, but it's not time for this yet.

I've heard people say it with my ears, I've seen it all over social media, and it all stinks of a jinx. A 7-game playoff series is long. Baseball is a mental game — momentum swings and weird things happen. Let's all say what we are feeling later. Screaming to the Heavens that this is a "special team" or a "team of destiny" can backfire.

Do I think the Yankees will advance to the World Series? I do. I also think they will cause a heart attack or two along the way. Tomorrow's game is in Houston against Verlander. Even with the momentum the Bombers have, I think Houston will take Game 6.

If that happens, the momentum is shifted. Game 7, all hands on deck, and our team is wearing their road greys. Let's pump some brakes, take a deep one, count to ten, and pray that this team is who we thought they were.

Save the "I knew it" and the "They got it in the bag" stuff.

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