On Thursday (5/27/21) a new local video was posted to Youtube by Buffalo Biodiesel. The company shared the video in an effort to identify a man they say stole fry oil from Famous Pizza in Bethel, CT.

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Again, this video does not come from the Bethel Police Department, but if you have any information, they would be the people to contact. The video is accompanied by the following description:

"On the morning of May 26, 2021, security cameras at Famous Pizza in Bethel, CT captured this footage of an adult male, pictured left, who pulled up in a white van and robbed our oil vat at the restaurant. The owner promptly called Bethel PD to report the #oiltheft. Buffalo Biodiesel recycles the used cooking oil to make sustainable fuel, but criminal operations are targeting our suppliers at restaurants like Famous Pizza. This is an escalating crisis in the #biofuel industry, with our company alone tallying hundreds of thefts in 2021 so far. Please report any relevant information to Bethel PD and help us stop this crime wave. If you witness or have surveillance footage of a theft, please call 911, and and then call 800-721-1427."

View the alleged crime below 

We are stealing fry oil (allegedly)? Call me naïve, but is there a black market for this? According to the post from Buffalo Biodiesel there is and I have no reason not to believe them, but let's look at this for a second.

Let's agree there is a dollar to be made and take it from there to see how we get the money. You would have to do the following:

  • Steal something that doesn't belong to you that is filthy dirty.
  • Find a buyer on the black market.
  • Meet that person and exchange your oil for cash.


You lose me at stealing but I still have to push forward and examine the other things that suck about this. Oil stains are impossible to get out of clothing and I am no doubt spilling it. So, I've robbed someone (allegedly), I've stained my clothing and now I have to meet the kind of person in the market for illegal oils?

This is ugly up and down I tell you, filthy. Why not take the time that goes into robbing someone's small business, transporting food waste and meeting an oil "fence" and get a second job?

The police won't be hunting you, the local "shock jock" won't shame you and your clothes will be oil free.

Someone will probably point out that the oil doesn't need to be "fenced" and it can power my car or something, still, what are we doing with our lives? What kind of lives are these?

You ever notice, it's always a white van? Like, that is the point where friends and family members should step in. If you don't own a cleaning company or buff floors, what are you doing with a white van? Committing crimes is the answer to the question.

I would feel aggravated at the cliché nature of driving a white van to commit a crime and it would be enough to make me pull the van over and really look at my life.

I hope Buffalo Biodiesel is made whole for their stolen oil and I hope people don't spend the day trying to explain the secrets of the fry oil robbery world to me. I don't care how it's done or why, because I'm not going to do it. I'd like it to stop on behalf of the people the oil belongs to.

Call the Bethel PD with any information on this (alleged) crime at (203)743-5500. May God bless us all, this world is a toilet.

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