Note to future criminals: Don't try to duck the cops near the Police Activities League Building.

Three juveniles found that out the hard way this morning in Danbury.

According to Lt. Carroccio of the Danbury PD, a call came in from a husband and wife at a residence on Austin Street around 10:00 this morning, reporting that their car was just stolen at knife point.

Police say that the vehicle owner's wife had started their Nissan Sentra, but left it running as she went back into the residence to retrieve an item. Three juveniles, one male and two females, reportedly jumped inside the vehicle, but were confronted by the husband. It was then that the male juvenile pulled out a knife, according to officers.

Shortly afterwards, an officer spotted the Sentra and attempted to stop it unsuccessfully. After briefly losing sight of the Sentra, it was then found unoccupied on Hawley Road Ext., near the Danbury PAL Building.

Numerous officers responded to the area, and the three juveniles were quickly picked up.

All three juveniles are being charged with 3rd Degree Larceny and 2nd Degree Robbery.

One of the juvenile females faces the additional charges of reckless driving, disobeying signal of an officer, and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

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