Hi, my name is Large Dave, and I'm middle-aged. When you get to be as old as me, you notice that your body needs special things to move along correctly. One of those things that I've noticed is that I need yogurt to keep my digestive system on track. I've tried everything from Colace, to Benefiber, to Kombucha, in my quest for regularity, and nothing quite works as well for me as yogurt, in particular lately, drinkable smoothie yogurts.

I've grown quite fond of, and, dare I say, addicted to, the 10oz Stonyfield probiotic smoothies. They come in 3 flavors, and I find that they are magical when it comes to my regularity.

So, you can imagine my anger over the past month as the supply of 10oz Stonyfield smoothies has dried up all over Western CT.

First it was the Naugy Big Y, then I went to the Big Y's in Bethel, New Milford, and Newtown - all empty. I went to Labonne's, Stop and Shop, 4 Corners in Middlebury, all gone. I asked around to any dairy department employee I could find, what the hell?

I stopped at Adam's in Watertown last week, and found 3 peach smoothies. I felt like Indy finding a golden idol. My digestive tract did cartwheels, and then they were gone.

Desperately, I called the 800 number on the back of one of the Stonyfield bottles. I asked the customer service rep if it was just me? Did they stop making them? Were they discontinuing the product? WHERE ARE MY PRECIOUS?

I was assured that it was an unusual situation, and it was just a case of underestimating the popularity of their products. Basically there are a lot of us out there that know the secret to regularity, and they couldn't keep up. The rep said that the cows are busier than ever trying to keep up with our demand, and we should see the precious products back on our store shelves in the next couple of weeks.

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