Back in November of 2017, I wrote an article for I-95 about a company called Ameresco Candlewood Solar. This company, based in Massachusetts, planned to install a 20-megawatt solar farm on Candlewood Mountain.

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Fast forward to December of 2020, and the New Milford Spectrum reports that companies planning to purchase power from the proposed solar farm are opting out of the agreement. The news came the way of a Massachusetts law firm.

It appears that Candlewood Solar goofed and didn't notify the companies in writing about whether "it had satisfied the Critical Milestones" like obtaining the proper permits.

Since Candlewood Solar announced their plan back in 2017, a group called 'Rescue Candlewood Mountain' has been lobbying against the company, citing concerns about the negative effects of the area's forests and the threat various species like the slimy salamander's welfare.

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The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection still needs to see a stormwater management plan from Candlewood Solar. Considering all of the many complicated rules and regulations and the negative environmental considerations, maybe it's time to shut this venture down for good.

Here is what Dan Casagrande, the attorney representing New Milford and the group Rescue Candlewood Mountain told the New Milford Spectrum,

It's just another in a series of significant setbacks which we think have been appropriately imposed on the project by these various agencies and entities because of the critically adverse effect that this is going to have on an important natural resource in New Milford.

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