It's our time to have a Major League sports team Connecticut. Major League Pickleball is expanding from 12 teams to 16 teams in 2023. Wouldn't you scream your lungs out for the Oxford Oxen? Or the West Hartford Corbins?

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Pickleball courts are being built all over Connecticut, it's America's fastest-growing sport. Just yesterday, Bristol's ESPN reported that Kevin Durant is the latest multimillionaire to buy a Major League Pickleball team. Major League Pickleball teams can be from anywhere, there are no real home courts, but some teams do identify with their state, like Florida Smash, and ATX.

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Do you still feel the burn of almost having a whiff of the Patriots in Hartford? Before Robert Kraft spurned former Governor John Rowland, we really could have had Tom Brady Connecticut. The premiere team of the NFL the past 2 decades, so close.

Connecticut hardily supports our local minor leagues: the Danbury Hat Tricks & Westerners, Hartford Yard Goat and Wolf Pack, New Britain Bees, the Bridgeport Islanders, and even the Norwich Sea Unicorns, despite the name. I will add personally that I will never cheer for a Hartford Steamed Cheeseburger.

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But, I will buy every jersey, hat, watch every event, and whatever else that the Naugatuck Rubbers of Major League Pickleball did. Please make that happen Connecticut multimillionaire. I would totally be a hardcore Ridgefield Pickle Destroyer groupie. The Oakville Ogres, Bozrah Bring-it's, Ansonia Farm Boys. Brian Cashman, you love Stamford, buy a team.

We really need a Major League team in Connecticut.

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