A Brookfield woman recently found herself in a hairy situation with a Black Bear in her mother-in-law's backyard.

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The woman uploaded a video of the incident to Buzz videos and the description reads:

"So I was actually filming birds for my mother in law which I do all the time and didn’t even notice the bear approaching. Then I panicked thinking about the empty feeder that I hadn’t taken down."

The following was posted on March 4, 2022.

I could have gone with any number of ways to describe what the lady did to scare the bear off but since I was annoyed by it, I chose "annoys." I cannot blame the woman for doing her level best to get rid of the animal. You never know when a bear will graduate from stealing bird feeder food to stealing spare car parts from the garage.

People, animals, no one just graduates to full-criminal overnight, it's usually a progression. We don't know what this bear wanted or if it was hopped up on goofballs and grass, all we know is it was stealing bird feed.

As these things go, it's cute but I'm always surprised to see what goes viral and what does not. I can watch hours of Andrew Dice Clay guest appearances on the Howard Stern show but am rarely moved by what you all seem to be.

I do know from being in media that whether I like it or not, animals move the dial. Animals wearing sweaters, animals eating, animals being told to go away, it all sells and it moves fast.

The only question that I care about is how does this benefit me? If you opened this, it already has and if I can get this woman on the Ethan & Lou Show to talk about her harrowing experience, it will be a double win for me.

If you are the woman in question, or another local person in possession of an animal video, please contact me to book an interview.

P.S. If I was this bear, I would have stood up on my hind legs, looked this lady in the eye and said "stop calling me bear! I have a name, you know."

Photographer Captures the True Grit of Downtown Danbury in Black + White

Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a page I’d seen before, one I really enjoy. It’s called @danburystreets

All the posts from @danburystreets tell and intimate and gritty story, portraying life in the Hat City for its reality. If you look at the body of work as a collective, you’ll see good, bad, passion, hurt, anger, commerce and an identity crisis in the streets of Danbury, at least that is what I see.

@danburystreets is run by Renato Ghio of R Media. I knew he was behind it, and it had slipped my mind. So, when I reached out to ask permission to use the photos, I was delighted to get a response from someone I know, and like. Renato said he’d be honored to have his page featured, and provide insight on his work. 

This Candlewood Lake Hype Video Will Remind You Why You Live Here

As we head into March, a long, icy winter is coming to a close and it can’t end soon enough. All of us have been uncomfortable and inconvenienced by the weather the way we are every year. You work to clear snow; you anticipate and prepare for weather and we all endure it.

We need a break, and it’ coming soon. I often make fun of people whose solution to the seasons is to move to Florida. I say they can’t hack it; they are not big enough to ride this ride or we don’t want them. If I am being fair, by this time every year, I am reconsidering my position on this.

Living here can be brutal but the horizon is coated in sunlight. For many of us, Candlewood Lake is why we live here. It is center stage for our personal entertainment and relaxation. Right about now, we need a reminder of why we live here and what is to come for our spring and summer.

To that end, I was daydreaming today, cruising videos of Candlewood Lake in the summer and I found a Youtube video from 2020. It was posted by Olini Media and, in less than two years it has almost 5,000 views

These Potholes on West Street in Danbury Will Devour Your Car + Your Soul

Potholes are the bane of my existence and this is not a new issue to me. I’ve never been a person who has “good luck” with my vehicles and that has been reflected in a lifetime of car repair invoices. Below are some facts about potholes, along with a series of photos I took of potholes on West Street in Danbury. 

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