I've been an AT&T Wireless customer jeez, since the 90's? I've paid probably over a hundred thousand dollars over the past few decades for the privilege of digital mobility service, and there's nothing that frustrates me more than having no signal.

For a multi-billion dollar company that promotes how much they spend annually on their wireless infrastructure, and for all of the money that I've sent them over the years, I kind of expect service, especially in a state as densely populated as Connecticut is.

But there are still dead spots, and one of them is unfortunately right here where I work on Federal Road in Brookfield. For years, I've had to endure 1 bar service without wifi on. When it's gets really bad here, I get the dreaded "4G" next to my AT&T logo, which basically makes my iPhone useless for surfing any web content.

So, I was thrilled when I received this text on my phone yesterday-

Photo by Large "C'mon LTE" Dave
Photo by Large "C'mon LTE" Dave

I received that on my phone while I was at my home in Waterbury and I couldn't wait to get back to work and check out how much stronger the signal had gotten. Seriously, I can see the tower right outside of our studios. I took the photo you see above in the article 5 minutes ago. I should be getting 4 solid white bars of signal, right? Nope.

Still 1 bar signal at best as of right now, Friday, September 2. C'mon AT&T, you big tease, turn it on. Maybe it has to do with the natural disaster that was the remnants of Hurricane Ida that just passed through and the clean up of the damage has delayed the launch?  I reached out to AT&T through the customer service numbers provided on their website, and as you can imagine, nobody that I spoke with (5 reps) has any idea about what or where I was asking about.

Soon Brookfield and Candlewood Lake, soon.

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