It's all up to the Zoning Commission in Brookfield. If they decide to change the town's  current drive-thru rules, it could mean a move for Dunkin Donuts on Federal Road.

Right now, most of the downtown Brookfield area has certain restrictions when it comes to drive-thru establishments, but that could all change if the Zoning Commission votes to allow a drive-thru on the grounds of the former Hearth Restaurant.

Neil Marcus, who is the attorney for Ed Batista, who owns the Dunkin Donuts in Brookfield, said that he and the owner are in favor of the new zoning rules. According to, Marcus said at a recent meeting:

Anything you can do as a community to make it more attractive to have retail uses in the [Town Center District] zone is the right thing to do.

Recently, Brookfield created a new downtown area, adding retail locations as well as luxury housing. They even added sidewalks, making it more pedestrian friendly. Some residents, however, are not too happy with the possible change in the drive thru zoning restrictions.

As the reported in the News Times, Brookfield residents, Maureen and Matthew Farrell, sent a letter to the town's zoning commission expressing their concerns, stating that the new laws would pose a danger to those walking around the new downtown area. They feel that having cars driving in and out of the Hearth location would distract from the historic style of the area.

Whether your in favor of the change or not, the Zoning Commission will hold another public hearing on November 29th to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed new zoning regulation, all residents are encouraged to attend.

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