What can you do with all that empty parking lot space at the Brass Mill Center Mall in Waterbury? A traveling carnival? Stank Connecticut-legal fireworks stands? We can do better. A Waterbury resident had a great idea on social media, and I'm here to echo it. How about a permanent place for food trucks?

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Have you been to Long Wharf Drive in New Haven? Parkville Market in Hartford? I love the convenience and diversity that comes with 15 or 20 different vendors serving up exotic dishes that you can't get from a local fast food joint. Connecticut loves food trucks, oh man, there are food truck events at fairground all over the state, but few cities have set up a permanent location for a food hall, or will let a food truck park daily.


A fellow member of the 'Waterbury Talks" group that I belong to on Facebook, Teressa Dean, posted this question to the group - "Why doesn't (Waterbury) turn the upper mall parking lot (along East Main) into a permanent spot for food trucks?"

Great question Teressa & Erin Garcia-Dean. Why doesn't Waterbury do that? I know the answer, because that would drive business away from the mall's tenants. But, we've all seen the success of Los Garcia and their rapidly expanding empire along East Main St. Sheesh, even this last weekend, the city's 4th of July spectacular was billed as 'Fireworks and Food Trucks at the Brass Mill Center.'

So, where is there enough city-owned asphalt around Waterbury to pull this off? Can you imagine if 15 food trucks parked right off Rt. 8 by Municipal Stadium every day? Or Wolcott Street had the Naugatuck Valley Food Hall? Mayor O'Leary, sir, make it happen, we're hungry.

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