The New York Yankees will introduce Aaron Boone today as the teams new manager. The press conference will take place at noon and won't be hard to find. Aaron Boone will be the 33rd manager in N.Y. Yankee history.

This better work, it better work for Brian Cashman's sake. It was only a matter of months ago that you could not find a Yankee fan anywhere who had a bad word to say about Cashman, things have changed.

The attention is now on Cashman. He has chosen to PUT HIMSELF in the hot seat. He made a change, a big one at a time when his stock and his teams stock were both on the rise. If the Yankees do not live up to their potential now, it will be Cashman taking the bullet.

If it works, he looks even more brilliant than he did before, if it comes crashing down, his own job will be in jeopardy. It's going to be a "white knuckle" year for Brian no matter what he tells the press. Good luck pal.

P.S. These press conference's are pointless. We will learn nothing, be bored to tears and everyone will say "the right thing." I'll watch anyway. 

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