Bull & Barrel Brewery in Brewster, NY appears to be another small business falling victim to the coronavirus pandemic. In a new post to the Brewery's Facebook page, co-owner, Rick Cipriani, wrote the following:

"With a heavy heart and circumstances beyond our control, the Bull and Barrel has made the tough decision to close our doors. It has been an amazing seven years. Wendy and I would first like to thank the amazing staff that made our dreams a reality and the community that supported us. A Family has been created from the Bull and Barrel and that bond is stronger than COVID will ever be! We hope this is not goodbye but see you later."

It's another, in a long line of local, small business that are no more. Soon, the pain will go beyond the individual businesses, the staff and their families, and press it's tentacles into and throughout the community with people out of work everywhere and abandoned buildings as far as the eye can see.

I was sorry to learn that it was over for Bull & Barrel in Brewster. Co-owners Rick Cipriani and Wendy Wulkan have been partners with us on so many live events projects in our local area. Hopefully it is see you later and not goodbye forever. Thanks for the memories.

Back in 2016, Bull & Barrel developed signature beers for Ethan and I based on our choice ingredients and we ran a listener competition to see who had the better beer. Ethan's beer won and I had to pay up on my end of the bet by riding the Bull & Barrel Brewery Bull in our moose costume.

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