Yesterday, we reported that a Brewster High School teacher from Connecticut is accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a minor. Christopher Vlangas was arrested Monday by the Putnam County Sheriff's office and charged with multiple counts of statutory rape.

We talked about this on the Ethan and Lou Show a few weeks back when the first article appeared about it. At the time, the teacher's name was not listed in the report. Since that article, I have had our radio show listeners send me the link again and again asking me what I think. I'm assuming this is because they know I grew up there and attended high school there.

First off, I do not know this Christopher Vlangas. Second, I don't think I have ever met him. Third, I don't live there anymore. I love my hometown, however, and I am sad to hear this disturbing news.

What do I think about it? I think the same thing I would think if this was alleged to have happened anywhere else — it's scary. I feel that as a parent, there are less and less people I can trust with the well-being of my children. It always makes me wonder how people can not draw black and white lines in their minds as to who it is OK to pursue sexually. I understand, though, that those thoughts are wasteful. Someone who is capable of that type of thing is mentally ill, so trying to get in their head is pointless. I cannot relate in any way.

It's also the kind of story that I have to choose my thoughts on very carefully. I hate that. Every topic now is a land mine. You can easily become a part of a story like this with the wrong public opinion. I'm not interested in that. I wish the victim and her family well and hope that they never have to deal with anything like this again.

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