I grew up in Brewster, NY and graduated from Brewster High School (Class of '97).

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Because I grew up there and I host a radio show in the area, I'm always looking for Brewster related content. Anyone who has lived in Brewster just laughed because they know, not many noteworthy events take place there.

Every once in a great while, I will find something specific to my hometown, like this gem. This is video of the 10 year Reunion of Brewster High School's 1980 class. It was posted to Youtube by Joe Patricolo on July 28, 2022, but the date of the event was September 22, 1990. The video had 414 views at the time I wrote this. Enjoy.

Recording parties of any kind, in any era should be banned but as long as they're legal, I'm going to share them. I skimmed the video looking for people I know. I found a few familiar faces, like Tommy DeSantis. There are others but I know Tommy will get the most out of being mentioned.

Now I'd like to know where my classmates are? It's been 25 years since we graduated and we've never had a reunion. What is up with that? Don't confuse this with me being willing to organize it, that is way more work than I'm interested in.

P.S. I did some quick math, and the folks in the video would be in their early 60's now. Sorry, I can't be the only one who started counting their fingers. To the entire class of 1980, you're welcome and I'm sorry. That should cover me.

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