When news happens, the "I" team is all over it. The "I-95" team, that is. When animals attack, and you happen to be smoking outside, it's time to grab your camera and launch into action.

These turkeys appeared right after a condor blacked out the sun flying over my head. This bird invasion was a welcome site to both myself and the dude next door at Imperial Electronics. We were both having a good laugh watching them bring traffic to a crawl.

TRAFFIC ALERT: If you are traveling Federal Road on the Brookfield/New Milford, CT border this morning watch out for giant, slow as a turtle birds. They are everywhere. Feathers are flying, traffic is at a stand still. It's the most potentially delicious traffic jam in all of CT right now. 

This is not the first time I have encountered a butt load of wild turkey on the radio station grounds. So, today, I was prepared with both biscuits and gravy.

P.S. Is it run amok or run amuck? Writingexplained.org weighs in.

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