I love Sunday night TV shows. Watching Wonderful World of Disney as a kid, being informed by 60 Minutes, entertained by The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Shameless, and Weeds. I fill my brain with the finest tv to end my weekend. Not yesterday though, because my current favorite Yellowstone ended last week.

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Oh, my sweet Yellowstone. No Jimmy, No Rip & Beth, or my dude Lloyd. Yellowstone wrapped up it's fourth season on the Paramount Network on Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Bravo to the Yellowstone Super Fan in Southbury

Do you miss Yellowstone already? Season 4 just wrapped up, but there's someone in Southbury who loves the show even more than we do.

Our sister station reached out to Rolling M Ranch regarding the sign. They are a multi-generation horse farm and training facility. Regarding the sign, here's what they had to say:

Our whole family has grown up training, showing, and selling horses so it's really cool with Yellowstone to even see some familiar horses and trainers that we see frequently out on the show circuits.

He additionally added:

To a lot of people the new addition to the show with the horses and showing is fun and entertaining, but for us it's real life and really cool for so many people to get to see even a glimpse of that now.

Inside the Charming Russian Village in the Woods of Southbury

Every Tuesday you can hear "The Place You Live" on the Ethan and Lou Show featuring Mike Allen. Mike takes a deep dive into one local story each week and this week it was all about a Russian village in Connecticut. This week we learned that Southbury, CT is the home of a tiny Russian Village designed by some of Russia's most well respected writers.

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